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Alarm video networking system solutions

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System functional requirements
Establish network monitoring center: to achieve a unified identity authentication, device management, unified alarm processing, video, electronic maps and centralized storage management.
Establishment of the police station, operations management company, multi-level Public Security Bureau control center: remote image management and browsing access control points within the purview.
By and police original alarm network systems integration, and ultimately can achieve dynamic security comprehensive monitoring and management within the city limits.

System designed to
The rapid development of economic construction and modernization of the city, the urban public safety monitoring work of many new requirements and issues. With the development of society and economy, increased mobility, the social unrest of the population also will increase, as the defense of public safety, public security departments to improve and increase the appropriate handling of various methods and means, but because of the way crimes and means are endless, as well as expanding the scope of the city, civil defense weaknesses of time and space has also been suffering from the impact of criminals. Meanwhile, the development of computer technology, network technology, multimedia technology and communications technologies for modern urban network monitoring implementation of digital technology to provide a strong guarantee and conditions, and build an advanced technology, reliable quality, economical and practical, easy management of urban areas digital network security monitoring system has become an important means of maintaining social order and public security system in the city, crack down on crime, to protect life and property of citizens, promote economic development, but also an important symbol of urban modernization, while greatly reducing the daily work of staff amount, minimum limits produce personnel errors; hand evidence of a crime as criminals, but also easier to find hidden to protect public safety.
Social security dynamic video network monitoring system will cover the city's various communities, important junctions, interurban highway bayonet, the city has become an important part of prevention and control system, play a role in security precautions, traffic management, surveillance detection in. By installing the main street in the city, intersection, security precautions focus on the roadway, important places, shopping malls and other places surveillance cameras, building a network monitoring system, will monitor the road traffic police, fire aerial surveillance, gates bayonet and future county (city) Video monitoring different sources, in different formats, different control modes of analog video or digital video and alarm information integration be managed on a unified platform, to achieve dynamic social security digital video surveillance systems, networked, intelligent, so Branch command room , police duty and other relevant units and PUC internal, provincial and municipal government, ministries and agencies, such as real-time monitoring of network users online access to live images and retrieving video data, the formation of a unified and coordinated motion video command system.

Components of the system
City monitoring system structures can be divided into the front-end equipment, lines, communication facilities, the back-end equipment, servers and other components.
Front-end equipment and the data acquisition device from the front, the data compression apparatus, the relay transmission equipment and other components. Where the front-end data acquisition equipment is generally dome, PTZ, ordinary camera, bolt, probe and other equipment, and data compression equipment already in use by the digital network video server device composed of an alarm, the relay transmission equipment including routers, switches, etc. other network transmission devices.
Front-end digital network alarm equipment from the group consisting of video servers, can fully meet the requirements of modern networks, due to the development of the network more robust, network audio and video transmission over traditional local storage devices but also have many advantages.
System network structure
(1) front-end subsystem used in all network monitoring mode transmission, which uses smart-ball, high-definition infrared cameras, PTZ cameras, infrared detectors, perimeter shooting, smoke detectors and other detection equipment and DVR, HT network alarm host, After the analog video signals and control signals digitally encoded transmitted over the network to the level of the monitoring center.
(2) each a monitoring center (police) uniform makes installing alarm HT network video server client software, its main functions are: real-time video monitoring, video recording, video forwarding; police intelligence information processing, front-end detection device parameter settings function. HT client supports multiple video screen monitor, and can according to the survey, demand viewing video images at any time to call any subordinate jurisdiction within range.
(3) two-level control center monitoring center receives the uploaded image, while the actual situation, an independent monitoring resources front, two monitoring center under the jurisdiction of the level monitoring system with administrative privileges, and can be monitored locally equipment for unified management, but also to accept management three monitoring centers, which are managed by the monitoring center located in the secondary server's supervision. The system scenario, based on demand, will install two monitoring center platform software in the carrier branch.
(4) installed in the most advanced system management (Public Security Bureau) third level platform management software, with the highest management systems assign permissions to all other monitoring center or monitoring points are subject to the management and control of the Public Security Bureau monitoring center. And each occurrence when the front end of the police intelligence, police intelligence information can not only spread to the police station monitoring center, and also spread to the city branch of the monitoring center. After the alarm is triggered, the alarm monitoring points will be positioned near the predefined presets in accordance to the appropriate area, the image can also be associated with multiple front-end switch alarm scene together, targeted surveillance tracking.

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