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What is the direction of the curtain technology?

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First, we need to understand what is curtain detector. Curtain detector relative to the wide-angle detector (detection range of about 100 degrees, down 90 degrees) is concerned, that is a narrow-angle curtain detector detectors (about 15 degrees, down 90 degrees), small-angle detection makes its detection area for a narrow range, while ceiling installation for protective windows, like a fan-shaped curtain hanging in the window, so called curtain detector.

Curtain detectors generally have a direction recognition, which can identify the moving direction of the signal (from outside to inside or inside to the outside), and can be set to move from outside to inside to trigger an alarm signal, but from the inside out the move will not alarm signal; and when moving from the inside to the outside of the signal occurs, the return can be set to a certain time, the signal moves from outside to inside the alarm will not return at this time.

Curtain direction recognition is a very user-friendly features, it is close to the user's normal habits, and can eliminate false alarms due to indoor conditions generated by small pets.
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